The World is evolving, explore the global best practice in technology and Corporate Governance in our upcoming Training in Canada- October 11-14, 2022

This workshop will provide practical solutions and deep insights into the strategies and synergies required by high-performing boards and Management to close skill and knowledge gaps in the application of advanced software, technological tools, and innovation as well as modern governance trends, and to resolve any challenges thereto for the achievement of organisational objectives.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this workshop, participants should understand, know, and be able to;
  • Determine whether innovation and technology governance are sustaining or disruptive.
  • Analyze the nexus between technology, innovation, and corporate governance.
  • Utilize technology to improve corporate culture that fosters and supports best practices for good governance.
  • Examine the evolution and impact of corporate governance and technological revolution for business growth.
  • Identify how technology can help boards and corporations perform functions with increased efficiency and accuracy.
  • Discuss organization’s need to evolve and address the changing business landscapes.
  • Review those current technologies with the greatest potential to change the world further.