Corporate Governance is one of the major challenges faced by many corporate organizations and boards today. Changes in regulations, new business models, globalization and shifting economic headwinds all contribute to making it more difficult for boards and other stakeholders to respond effectively with the right corporate governance practices.

Our training programmes examines current best practice in all aspects of corporate governance, from the new role of board committees and directors’ responsibilities and powers, to best implementation of governance in day-to-day activities. Our well-designed training programmes are inspired by the latest research and best practices as well as trends in corporate governance in Nigeria and globally.

The quality of our training programme is a function of the people who conduct the training. Our approach and content use unique adult learning methodologies such as Lectures, group discussions and case studies to provide a unique learning experience in a way that will positively impact the performance of the organization.

Our pool of experts is International Finance Corporation (IFC) trained experts and certified Faculty in Corporate Governance and Board Leadership, Credit and Finance, Strategy, Risk Management and Boardroom dynamics, with strong ties in workplace Ethics and Values.