IoDCCG implement yearly training on Intersection Between Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Anti-Corruption & Ethics Compliance.

The training is in recognition of today’s challenging, turbulent and complex business environment, where directors and management need to deploy Corporate Governance, risk management and anti-corruption & ethics compliance tools to hedge against uncertainties effectively,  enhance  strategic planning, prioritise risk efforts, gain reputation and sustain their competitive advantage. Businesses experience loss of revenue due to kickbacks, bribes, and multiple taxations caused by a lack of transparency and process inefficiencies. 

Hence, enterprises cannot compete globally and attract global partners and investors; thus, they become an easy target for corruption.

This training aims to synchronise activities across the governance, risk management, and anti-corruption & ethics compliance spheres, as well as create sustainable pathways for organisational growth. It is designed as a working strategic workshop that will enhance participants’ knowledge on how the intersection of these concepts enhances corporate effectiveness and sustainability.

The Target Participants for the training include;

Chairmen, MD/CEOs, Directors, Chairmen and Members of Risk & Governance/Nominations Committees, Audit and Risk Committees, Chief Governance Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Audit Executives, Chief Financial Officers, C-Suite Executives, Board/Company Secretaries, Heads of Internal Control, Legal, Finance and Administration Departments in public and private sector organisations.

Anti Money Laundering Combating the Financing of Terrorism Compliance Masterclass