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Journal of Best Practice Guidelines Vol 1 No 1 Nov. 2016

This journal contained four articles which are based on previously published position papers:

  • Conflict of Interest: Conflict of interest is a topical issue in corporate governance. This material brought to awareness of the risk directors face to the fore. It also discussed how to mitigate them.


  • Nominee Directors: This chapter was based on the previous position paper which discussed the issues surrounding the nominee directors and best practices.
  • Board Evaluation: Events in the Nigerian business environment in the recent past and indeed global business climate underscore the importance of a strong Board at the centre of any corporate entity. Boards are required to demonstrate their diligence and application of sound corporate governance practices as they lead companies in the economy impacting on numerous stakeholders. As stakeholder expectations of directors’ effectiveness rise, so do the required competence levels on the part of individual Board members and the Board collectively.


  • The Dissenting Director: This paper highlights the importance of raising the dissenting voice. It also provides practical guidelines for doing so in the best interests of the various stakeholders.

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The Vision of the Centre is to become an authority on corporate governance in Nigeria and roll out a corporate governance manual for nationwide communication and acceptance by both the private and public sectors, emphasizing the link between best practices and sustainable success.

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To be the premier organization in Nigeria advocating and facilitating the establishment and maintenance of an effective corporate governance environment in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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