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Corporate Governance Journal Vol 1 No 3 2015

Theme: Reinforcing Boards for Optimal Value Addition.

Articles in the Journal

1) Taking Corporate Governance to the Next level; Perspective from the
Nigerian Banking Sector by Dr. Kinsley C. Moghalu.
2) Value Addition in the Boardroom by Kemi Parker.
3) The Role of Director in ensuring Corporate Governance by Ikechukwu Uwana.

4) The Role of the CEO in Ensuring Transparency and Disclosure in Good
Corporate Governance Practice by Aliyu Dikko.
5) Strategic Leadership in the 21st Century by Uju Onwuzuike.

What We Believe

Vision Statement
The Vision of the Centre is to become an authority on corporate governance in Nigeria and roll out a corporate governance manual for nationwide communication and acceptance by both the private and public sectors, emphasizing the link between best practices and sustainable success.
Mission Statement
To be the premier organization in Nigeria advocating and facilitating the establishment and maintenance of an effective corporate governance environment in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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