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Corporate Governance and the Audit Committee Training Workshop

Venue: IoD Nigeria Secretariat, 53 Glover Road, Ikoyi.

The Centre held a training workshop on the above theme in July 2016. This training was informed by the importance of the Audit Committee in achieving sound corporate governance, and the re-occurring episodes of corporate failures despite the adoption of the audit committee concepts in most jurisdictions. The Chairman in her opening remarks highlighted some of the key issues that are frequently encountered when assessing the relevance and effectiveness of audit committees. 


Mr. Moyo Ajekigbe in the keynote speech  titled “CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND THE AUDIT COMMITTEE” emphasized Audit Committee statutory responsibility for oversight of financial reporting and disclosure in the organization and asserted that its effectiveness is significantly impacted by the quality of reports it receives from the management and the appreciation by its key stakeholders of the significance of its role and responsibilities for the organization’s corporate governance implementation and sustainability.