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Mitigating the Risk of Corruption for Businesses

Corruption is pervasive in Nigeria, yet businesses are unaware of the actual cost of corruption to their businesses. Corruption increases the cost of doing business by 10 per cent on average and over $1 trillion is paid in bribes annually. Business experience loss of revenue due to kickbacks and bribes at multiple levels; they pay higher taxes due to inefficiencies and lack of transparency; high risk of investment due to lack of transparency in public and legal systems; inability to compete globally and attract global partners and investors, become easy target for corruption. Most businesses are doing nothing and don’t even know what to do about it.

The IoD Centre for Corporate Governance with support from the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) are now offering practical training and services on how to mitigate corruption risks, setting up effective anti-corruption compliance system, corruption risk assessment and strengthening business ethics and integrity.

2-day course

  • Developed by local and international compliance experts
  • Group exercises, discussions & role plays
  • Comprehension checks


Course contents

  • Business case for anti-corruption risk mitigation
  • Local and International anti-corruption compliance framework
  • Common compliance terms and definitions
  • Key elements of an effective Anti-corruption compliance system
  • Risk Assessment
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Infrastructure
  • Education & Training
  • Monitoring & Auditing
  • Reporting & Investigating
  • Enforcement, Discipline & Incentives
  • Response, Prevention & Improvement
  • Role of compliance staff
  • Importance of company culture
  • Compliance resources
  • Certificate of participation


This Programme offers:

  1. Training Workshops
  • Mitigating the risk of Corruption in Nigeria (for Directors): (targeted participants: Board Chairmen, CEOs, Non Executive Directors, Executive Directors and Independent Directors) Nov. 2017
  • Mitigating the Risk of Corruption for Businesses (for Management): Targeted participants: Heads of Departments and people in control functions: Legal, HR, Compliance, Internal audit, Finance & Account, procurement, sales & marketing, etc Nov 2017


  1. In-plant Training for Board and Management
  • In-house/On-site/Customizable training on request


  1. Corruption Risk Assessment and Anti-corruption compliance Consultancy
  • In-house/On-site/set up of anti-corruption compliance system
  • Deploy Diagnostic tool
  • Risk Assessment
  • Develop policies and procedure